Defeating The Creature

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By Guest Writer, Theresa Ramirez

Feet pounding, heart racing, she ran full speed ahead at the wall. As soon as she was just close enough she used all of her strength to leap, right foot outstretched as she went flying forward. Her foot met with the stones and she immediately kicked herself off of the wall, flying backwards and hitting the creature right in its ugly head.

There was a satisfying “smack” as her foot met with its flesh.

The creature was stunned but relentless. With outstretched arms it came at her again.

She ducked, lunged forward and wrapped her arms around the thing’s midsection as her force sent it flying backward.

It landed in the soft earth with a thud and stayed down. She rolled off of it and got up to look at it.

Man, was it ugly.

Sharp, crooked teeth protruded from its mouth. Ugh, its mouth. Its mouth was the worst part. It took up a third of the thing’s face. It had three beady black eyes and a small nose, but that mouth, it was huge.

Without warning, the shrinking figure sprang up again and came at her once more. She kicked, but not hard enough, as it didn’t seem to faze it.

She threw a punch, but the thing grabbed her hand and squeezed her fist with it’s large dewy hand. Its claws dug into the back of her hand as she struggled not to yell out in pain.

Pulling her hand free, she realized that fighting this thing was not in her best interest. She’d never win this way. This creature, after all, could not be defeated. No matter how much she hated to admit it, it was a part of her and could never truly be killed.

She stood there as the trees surrounded them, and closed her eyes, staying perfectly still. She heard its footsteps as it ran towards her. And then, it just stopped. She took a breath, opened her eyes, and regarded the creature. It stood in front of her, staring at her in curiosity and wonder. Then it smiled its evil smile at her.

She smiled back and said, “I’m not afraid of you.”

The thing continued to look on at her in curiosity.

“I’m done fighting,” she breathed. “You are a part of me. This, I cannot change. But I’ve already begun to defeat you. Once you were a giant, and now you are nothing more than a persistent troll of annoyance. And I refuse to allow you to even be that big.”

The curiosity in the thing’s eyes began to shift from wonder to fear as she opened her mouth to work her magic.

She laughed at the fear written on its face and began to recite powerful words,

“I am strong enough.
And I am good enough.
No, I am more than good enough!
I am perfectly capable.
I am talented and I am skilled.
I am smart.
I am good at what I do.
No, I am GREAT at what I do!
I will be relentless in obtaining my goals.
I love myself and others love me, too.
I will not let you reduce me!
I am bigger and stronger than you!
And I will move forward despite your efforts!”

And as she said these words the creature shrank and shrank and shrank until it was no more than a couple of inches tall. It yelled out nasty lying things to her, but its voice was too small to be heard. And she wasn’t listening anyway.

She smiled at her victory and picked the thing up from the back of its ripped jacket. She put it up to her face so that it was at her eye level and said, “boo”. The thing cowered.

She laughed and put it in a jar, closing the lid tight. She slid the jar into her bag as she knew this was something that she couldn’t simply be rid of. Leaving it in the woods wouldn’t work. She couldn’t ignore it. She’d keep it close so that she could keep it in check. If she so much as heard one lying filthy word from the creature, her Inner Critic, she’d let it know who was in charge right away. If not, it might get big enough to break out of its jar again.

And she would never let that happen again.

Keep your Inner Critic in line.

Don’t let it rule you with self-doubt and falsehoods.

Believe in yourself.

You are enough and you are worthy!

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25 Responses

  1. Rachel

    Oh, how wonderful! I enjoyed this post so much. I am going to print it and hang it somewhere so i can read it often!

    • Crystal Cockerham

      Rachel, I am so happy you enjoyed it! I think everyone needs to own their own magic!

    • Theresa Ramirez

      Rachel, that is such a HUGE compliment. I’m so happy that this story inspired you and can continue to inspire you. I’m so happy you enjoyed it! <3

  2. Kelley Grimes

    I love this and especially the affirmations that transformed the fear and doubt into belief in herself! Thank you so much for sharing Theresa’s inspiring writing!

    • Crystal Cockerham

      Me too, Kelley! And when she tossed it in a bottle and put it in her bag! Theresa is for-sure Uber-Talented! I am grateful she agreed to sharing!

      • Theresa Ramirez

        Crystal, thank you for inviting me to share. This has really been an amazing experience for me and I can’t thank you enough! And thank you for those super-sweet words! <3

    • Theresa Ramirez

      Kelley, thank you so much! I’m so happy that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! <3

  3. Barb Parcells

    This reminds me of the movie, Labyrinth, with David Bowie in which the young girl tells the goblin king, “You have no power over me.” Great job!

    • Crystal Cockerham

      Barb, I cannot believe this, but I have never even heard of that movie. Now I want to watch it! Thank you for commenting!

    • Theresa Ramirez

      Thank you so much, Barb! Wow! To be compared to Labyrinth, what a compliment! Thank you for the kind words! <3

  4. Kimberly

    Crystal and Theresa, this was awesome, entertaining and definitely something I can relate to.
    Loved it and sharing it!

    • Theresa Ramirez

      Kimberly, thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you for the share, too. That means the world! <3

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