Defragmenting Your Processor, Your Brain!

(Have you ever had THAT day, when you can’t seem to focus on or complete anything on your to-do list?  I have.  Here is what I have found to be helpful…)

Sometimes, you just need to disconnect the power chord to your brain!

How do you know when?

  • Writer’s/Creator’s block
  • It is increasingly difficult to focus on any 1 thing: your mind is going off in a hundred and one directions all at once
  • The simplest daily tasks are a cumbersome chore
  • You have procrastinated and now find yourself under the gun, so to speak
  • The ‘Should’s’ start showing up: obligation after obligation and the voice in your head saying: “you know you should be____”
  • Your chest starts pounding

So what can you do to break this cycle and stop if from spiraling out of control?

First thing you can do, no matter where you are at or what you are doing is BREATHE.

  1.  Breathe in through your mouth, out through your nose.
  2.  Then, be sure to bring your breath down, past your lungs to your abdomen and then further into the  pelvic area.
  3.  Be sure that if your are sitting, your legs or feet are not crossed.
  4.  Repeat this for as many cycles as it takes to calm and re-center.


Now that your breathing has grounded you, REDIRECT YOUR ENERGY.  This will clear the way for your brain to reboot.  I know, easier said than done sometimes, but here are a few examples:

  • If you are at work:
    • take a walk-go to the restroom,
    • get a fresh glass of water or a cup of tea,
    • have a healthy snack, etc.,
  • If you are working from home, do something that is still productive on some other level:
    • empty the dishwasher or switch the laundry,
    • walk to the mail box,
    • do a few yoga stretches,
    • maybe a little dinner prep

The point is to choose an activity that you either need to do or were going to do anyway but doesn’t require brain power.

Okay, so now you have given yourself some breathing room, literally, and you have expended some excess energy, now, VISUALIZE.

  1. Visualize yourself and how you want to feel as you move through the rest of your day.
  2. Focus on that feeling and envision yourself moving through the tasks you have scheduled for the day with ease and efficiency.
    1. You are no longer blocked.
    2. You are able to focus with a clear mind.
    3. You are calm and in your flow.
    4. You are grateful for your ability to continue moving forward without  beating yourself up with ‘shoulds’.
  3. Continue holding this vision and see it through to the end of your day-all the way through going to bed.

Defragment complete.

Reconnect the power chord and continue with your day!



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7 Responses

  1. Natasha Botkin

    Beautiful fluid movement and positive progression to the mundane that we often get swept into. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. 🌹

    • Crystal Cockerham

      You are welcome Natasha, thank you for commenting! We all have a to-do list, why not make the best out of it, right? 🙂

  2. Laurie Seymour

    I love the defrag idea! It’s so important to disconnect from the external and go within. Not just sometimes, but everyday. That builds the pathway so that when stress mounts, our “muscles” remember how to undo it.

    • Crystal Cockerham

      So true Laurie. I like to think of it as tricking the mind into relaxing so that it will open us up to more creativity, inspiration, peace & joy!

    • Crystal Cockerham

      Barb, Cooking is one of my defragmenting activities too! When I have a lot on my mind, I make a turkey dinner–so YUM!!!

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