Our Only Rival

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It’s Tune Time Again!

I love music and have quite an eclectic taste when it comes to what I listen to and what moves me.  I tend to lean in and out of genres, sometimes to the extreme when it comes to certain artists.  What can I say, when the ‘fever’ strikes, ride it out!  Sometimes it is a movie and I REALLY like a song, sometimes it’s a television series and I search YouTube music from the series, and catch the ‘fever’.  And sometimes that ‘fever’ grabs hold and doesn’t leave.   I often assign homework in the form of listening to specific songs for clients as they are moving through something big.

Everyone of us has a sound track(s) that accompanies us on our journey.

Several months ago I caught one of those fevers when I stumbled upon a band, Ruelle.  SOOOOO many good tunes!  Love the sound!  Love the lyrics!   Hence, this blog post: Our Only Rival.

On my way home, the song I am about to introduce came on as I was reflecting on a session with one of my clients who identifies and admits that there has been a regression as well as a self-sabatoging behavior.  Of course I listen when something so synchronistic comes through.  So what did I do?  I forwarded the link to the song!

Enter Rival, performed by Ruelle and written by its lead singer, Maggie Eckford.

I won’t let my demons win. / My only rival is within. / I will fight through thick and thin. / My only rival is within.

It is so difficult to not quote the whole song!  I hope you listen to it!  And there are so many more!  Seriously, I could go on and on!


Alright, you twisted my arm the soundtrack for transformation:

If Rival is about ego being the only thing to overcome, then Secrets and Lies (Ruelle) would be ego’s subconscious seduction to keep you in the self-sabotaging patterns and when you take charge, what do you do?  You remember you are Ember (Katherine McNamara) and set Fear on Fire (Ruelle) and be your own Hero (Ruelle).

Ok, encore for those of you who feel like you have an inner Monster by Skillet and ‘wake up’ when The Miracle (U2) occurs!  There are so many!!!  I have to be done now…


Enjoy the tunes!  Maybe Journal or sketch with what comes through for you!

And, Let your Light Shine!!

Crystal Cockerham, Intuitive Guide and Transformation Specialist.

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  1. sheila callaham

    Crystal, thanks so much for introducing me to Ruelle! Like you, I am moved by music and do all of my important writing with “just the right music” to accompany the piece. I wrote a YA trilogy set in Egypt and during all of my writing, I listened to Middle Eastern music. Like you, I blogged about my findings and the new artists I had come to admire.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences and the wonderful music that inspires you!

    • Crystal Cockerham

      I love hearing your experience with music Sheila! I really do feel that music is so inspirational–way more than ambience.

  2. Andrea

    It’s odd — I love music but I don’t listen all that often. I think it’s because I really feel the need to give it my undivided attention and there’s not a lot of “space” right now. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  3. Natasha Botkin

    Great way of looking at a concern that we all face. The inner critical ego that likes to act like a beast and how music can soothe the beast within. xoxo

    • Crystal Cockerham

      How could it not have during at that time? Sooo much good stuff filled with important messages!

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