Oracle Card Readings

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Intuitive Guidance is the ability to recognize and decipher energetic patterns, and from them see into the past and present to bring forward future possibilities based on the power of choice.


The oracle cards are a tool used in helping shed light on what you need to know in that moment to help you move forward on your journey.

What messages do the cards hold for you?


Tips for a successful card reading:

*  Come with a clear, concise question

*  Clear your mind (leave your to-do list in the car)

*  Be open fresh perspectives and new possibilities

“Crystal read/did an Oracle Reading for me just recently and on a single card draw gave me a huge amount of peace regarding an ongoing problem. She also helped me to feel calm and confident about the choices that she and I both knew were coming up for me.”

~ Heidi C.

Gift Certificates Available upon request.

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