It’s a Message from the Spirit Realm!

Did you know that your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides communicate with you all the time?  Well, they do, and so much more often than you think!

It is so easy to get caught up in checking off the items on our to-do list and multi-tasking that tunnel vision often kicks in and we aren’t fully in the present moment.  This is where we miss out on messages.  These messages come in several forms including:

~ an animal crossing your path, especially if it is unusual or repeated during a short length of time

~ songs on the radio and especially in your head

~ numbers-do you see the same numbers throughout your day at the store, commercials, looking at the clock?

~ smells-especially when no one else can smell them

~ repetitive dreams or dream images/scenes

Just to name a few.  Here is the rub, most of us have been conditioned to only perceive the linear, physical and literal when it is merely the first step, knowing there is a message.  For instance, “Look!  There is Blue Jay.”  Blue Jays have gorgeous color, how could you not notice them?  Limiting yourself by stopping the observation here won’t to allow you to receive the intended communication from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Your Intuition combined with a tiny bit of detective work and reflection will help you in communicating with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides!

Notice, I said “YOUR INTUITION”.  Yes, yours!  We all have it.  We were born with it!  And this practice of ‘listening’ is just one way you can start re-forging that connection.  According to Jaime Sams in her book, Dancing the Dream:  The Seven Sacred Paths Of Human Transformation, “Intuition is divine guidance that comes into play when we listen or feel…How much attention we give to intuition, seeing it as a creative force, determines the ease with which we find the universal flow of life.  When we allow that flow to become a harmonious part of our personal rhythm, we instinctually know things.”  By utilizing your intuition, you learn to trust yourself more and become less dependent on others for their input.

Are you ready to give it go?  If so, here is a guide to help you on your way.  Don’t delay, try it today!  And please, once you do or should you have any questions, please share in the comment section below or contact me:  I am truly passionate about helping others with developing their intuition and self-trust to live life fully & wholly!

Intuition + Sleuthing + (Reflection & Gratitude) = Message Received

1- Awareness and Discernment:  You have become aware that there is a Blue Jay and you have taken a moment to ‘feel’ if the Blue Jay has crossed your path to deliver a message or not.

2- Observation and Acknowledgement:  Once you have discerned that the Blue Jay has a message or a teaching for you, you observe it and think about the Blue Jay.  What do you notice about it?  Its behavior, looks, demeanor?  What feeling do you get through this observation?  Is there a particular situation, relationship or person that comes to mind?  Acknowledge what you have witnessed and that you accept it as a sign from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

3- Clarity and Consciousness:  Now it is time to get clear.  Here is where the tiny bit of detective work comes in: look up Blue Jay.  You can use a totem app on your phone, or simply enter ‘Blue Jay Symbolism’ into your search engine.  (You will after a few searches, find your go-to resource for this.)  Now read it.  Something, is going to jump out at you when once your read it.  Pay close attention to your feelings, pictures in your mind’s eye, thoughts about a particular situation, relationship or person.  Once you have it, it is time to reflect:  How does the Blue Jay help me with ______?   What is the Blue Jay teaching me about _____?

4- Gratitude and Acceptance:  Now it is time to give thanks.  A simple prayer from your heart space thanking both the Blue Jay for being the messenger and to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides for sending the message.  The final step is acceptance.  You received, deciphered and acknowledged, but you get to choose whether or not to accept it and act on it.

I wish you happy communications for your highest and greatest good!


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7 Responses

  1. Natasha Botkin

    Love the simplicity and grace of your wisdom! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

    • Crystal Cockerham

      Thank you Natasha! Let me know when you give it a go how it went.

  2. Barb Parcells

    I have been watching and following the messages from my animal spirit guides for a while now and they are always spot on with what’s going on in my life at that moment. I now keep a card deck of animal totems to get a reading from them as well.

    • Crystal Cockerham

      That is terrific Barb! Oracle cards are another way to communicate with our guides and guardians!

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