It’s All About Perspective

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When the going isn’t going, change your perspective!

Perspective = point of view.  When studying an object you can physically change your point of view by walking around it, raising and lowering yourself, tilting your head, etc.,  You can also do this when thinking.  

Emotional & energy blocks, as well as false beliefs take root when we don’t take the time to stop, reflect & reset by looking through different lenses, changing our perspective, if you will.

For example downtime, scheduled and pre-designated or not, is a wonderful time to reflect & reset.  Recently, I have had more of it than planned.  In other words, my going wasn’t going.  Let me explain.  I will take you through a version of the process as I have recently done with myself.

This year, I have been Blessed with unscheduled downtime.  Yes, I said it, Blessed.

It is all about perspective my friends.

Sure you can be frustrated or disheartened that plans change or are canceled at the last minute, stressed because of the why-illness, appliance needing to be replaced, budget and what not, but it really comes down to perspective.

Again, I have recently been Blessed with scheduled downtime.  It has really offered me the time to pause and reflect.

So I began reflecting on the past year.  Boy oh boy, am I glad to be leaving it behind!  Oh how life inflames and demands your attention!  I can’t even say it was one thing after another, because there were several instances where multiple BIG things were happening at once!  Whew!

The following is a flow of perspective changes that moved through to transform and reset:

Perspective change 1 (Acknowledge):  From being in and getting through it to acknowledging how stressful this past year has been!

Perspective change 2 (Acceptance):  I reflected on how I handled everything overall including the after-effects.  Let me tell you, some of its effects haven’t been so pretty, and at the same time could be sooo much worse!

Perspective change 3 (Analyze):  Analyzing and choosing my way through.  We always have a choice-ignore it and live life like it isn’t happening, get caught up in the over-whelm of it all, or proceed mindfully.  Of course, I proceeded mindfully, heck, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be writing this, lol!  This meant a lot more prioritizing than usual.

Perspective change 4 (Acclimate):  Daily routine?  What daily routine?  It was necessary to NOT have a daily routine for a bit-and that is a topic unto itself for another day.  It is practically impossible and downright difficult and painful to try to acclimate if you don’t change any of your patterns!

Perspective change 5 (Awaken):  There is always Wisdom to be learned when you are working through a situation(s).  I made a point to be compassionate and brutally honest with myself:  What is my lesson in all of this?  How am I choosing to stretch and grow?

Awaken this new wisdom within yourself and begin integrating it into your life.

Congrats!!  You just hit the RESET button!!

Gratitude is KEY in the transformative process!

Throughout this reflective time there was gratitude.  Gratitude that it wasn’t worse, that the other people involved managed to move through and heal as well. Gratitude for coming through it and for having all I needed to get through it including the space and time to reflect and reset, etc.,.

So get going again!  You too can go through this process.  And, don’t forget to reach out and ask for help!  Everyone has a healer or healers they turn to help guide and support, including healers!


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  1. leila

    I love it. Thank you for sharing such wisdom with us. I choose to acknowledge and accept that I don’t know it all and create room to unlearn and learn😊

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