Crystal is a gifted intuitive mentor and facilitator with a talent for guiding others to who they Truly want to be by connecting to their Inner Wisdom. Former Secondary Educator, Certified in Life & Soul Coaching, Certified Melody Crystal Healer, Spiritual Counselor & Healer, and 4th year Shaman Apprentice, Crystal has vast knowledge and experience in leading, guiding and teaching others on their personal journeys as well as mentoring other healers on their path.

After 4 years teaching secondary education, Crystal was faced with life-changing challenges that altered her career and course of study. Leaving her teaching career, Crystal became an expert in the field of transformational personal development, spiritual growth and emotional wellness by embarking on her own journey of discovering her True Self.

Crystal has chosen to use her love of learning and teaching as an Intuitive Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Visionary in a nurturing, safe environment which allows your whole person to come into focus.  It is her mission to help you connect with the Inner Light that lives inside you, also known as your Divine Self, Higher Self, your Spirit, your True Self, etc., foster that relationship, help you learn to trust yourself, develop your intuition and blossom into the person you wish to be in the world!

If you find yourself asking: “What is it I want to do with my life?”; “Who do I want to be tomorrow…next year…ten years from now?” let Crystal use her talents to bring you understanding, growth, and harmony. Together, you can nurture your quest for truth and understanding as it applies to your journey within; a journey she would be honored to accompany you in.