According to the English Oxford Dictionary, when used as a verb “SHOULD” is used to  indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing the actions of another; and indicates a desirable or expected state. From the personal and spiritual growth … Continued

Defeating The Creature

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By Guest Writer, Theresa Ramirez Feet pounding, heart racing, she ran full speed ahead at the wall. As soon as she was just close enough she used all of her strength to leap, right foot outstretched as she went flying … Continued

Holism: A Quantum State of Being

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Holism Holism is a quantum state of being; a direct connection to Divine Source through one’s True/Higher Self.   For me, this means living in alignment with my True Self by pulling strength straight from Source/Divine.  It is a wondrous and … Continued

Woman’s Inner Light Circle

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~A Time for Divine Connection with Your Inner Wisdom~ with Intuitive Facilitator, Crystal Cockerham This is a series designed to help you access, trust and utilize your intuition.  This is done in the ancient form of a woman’s circle where … Continued

Dare To Be Bold

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    Like the crocus emerging in Spring and proudly displays her color on the landscape of Mother Nature’s wardrobe, so will we if we allow ourselves to shed that which is no longer true for ourselves and mourn and release … Continued

Inner Compass Blessing

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As you set sail on your journey remember, you are loved beyond measure. May you always have the courage of a warrior. May your Inner Light always shine bright. May you always have the wonderment of a child and your wings … Continued

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