Are you sick and tired of finding yourself in the same situation, asking yourself “Why does this always happen to me?!
Do you keep telling yourself “As soon as I… [get enough money, find a new job, pay off my credit card, etc.]  or Next time [this happens, I feel this way, s/he does or says____, etc.,]

No more putting yourself off!

Don’t get caught up in the ‘how’.  

Stop waiting for the ‘perfect time’.

Your time is NOW!

What are you waiting for?   


Not sure what you are seeking exactly, but know you are destined for more fulfillment and joy out of life?

Gain confidence, clarity and direction by working with Crystal as your Personal Mentor and Guide.  She will help you free your path from the detours that keep popping up on your journey of awakening & transformation.

Connect with and feed your

Sacred Self.  

If you are reading this, you have answered your Spirit’s’ call. Your Spirit is waiting for you, calling to you to nurture it through Divine connection.


What can you expect from working with Crystal as your

Personal Mentor and Guide?

  • (Re)discover who you really are by shedding and stretching beyond self-imposed limitations, un-serving patterns and old hurts that keep showing up and keep you from living the life YOU want the WAY you want.
  • Heal past pains by seeing things from a fresh perspective and releasing those harbored, toxic emotions once and for all!
  • Gain self-confidence, clarity & direction.  (Decision making will become so much easier!)
  • Develop your intuition, it is your birth right!
  • Claim your personal power by creating and reinforcing healthy boundaries.  (You matter!  If you don’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of others?)
  • Learn to ‘BE’ and live in the present moment by living your Truth because you are aligned with your Higher Self.  (Yes!  This will allow you to savor your time and create more joy in your life.  Can you say fulfillment?)


Crystal provides a friendly, safe and compassionate environment which allows you to explore your emotional blocks, examine your self-limiting beliefs and break through the barriers that have prevented you from living and seeing yourself as the you you wish to be.


The point of change & transformation is always 

the present moment. 

Ask yourself:  Am I willing to take responsibility for my life and be empowered to live the life I want and choose vs the life others want for me?

Declare that now is your time to let your light shine by booking your DISCOVERY SESSION with Crystal!  

This is an exploratory session to assess where you are at on your path and where you want to go.  It is also a time for us to get to know each other and together, we will create a plan for moving you forward on your path of awakening & transformation.  Click here to book your DISCOVERY SESSION.