Crystal Cockerham is a gifted healer and coach. She is warm, generous and deeply compassionate and you might think that it means that she will not call you out when you are caught in your old, worn out story. You would be wrong. She delivers her insights and guidance with love and clarity – allowing you to choose your path without judgement.”  ~Lorraine Weber


“My experience with Crystal stemmed from a deep need.  I have tried most conventional methods of help; therapy, self-help books, and meditation.  Due to extreme trauma as a little girl, I could never find peace.  In previous methods of help, the focus was always on the reason for the pain.  I needed someone to help me with the feelings I was experiencing because of the trauma and pain.  Working with Crystal was different.  The Melody Crystal Healing was successful in that it popped my pain like a bubble and allowed me to experience the emotions fully that had kept me living in fear and gave me the opportunity to release the echos of the trauma and pain that had haunted me for much of my life.  Crystal guided me through understanding how and why I felt the way I did and do now.  

I have more peace today than I can remember ever having before and would highly recommend her to others.”   ~Renee Johnson