Woman’s Inner Light Circle

~A Time for Divine Connection with Your Inner Wisdom~
with Intuitive Facilitator, Crystal Cockerham

Women have been gathering together in Sacred Circles for eons.  In fact, Indigenous societies would rely on councils of women for decision-making, healing & ceremony. It is critical to revive & pass along this Divine Rite for personal wellness as well as Spiritual Development in today’s society where technology continually interferes with inter & intra-personal communication skills.  Community is part of the human experience and Sacred Circles are our birthright.  No matter where your are on your Journey, there is a place for you in the circle.  
“NUIT” by SheWhoIsArt.com
Teachings include:  Connecting with your Intuition & Inner Light, Identifying Limiting Beliefs and releasing them, Claiming your Inner Wisdom and Finding Inner Peace.  Crystal welcomes you to this Sacred Circle where you and your authenticity shine!  
Circle Gathers Wednesday Evenings from 7-9pm on May 17th & 31st and June 14th & 28th. 
Investment: $45 each meeting
Address: The Mind’s Eye, 15300 21 Mile Road, Macomb MI 48044
Register by calling Crystal @ 248-795-5231
*Important – Please pre-register ASAP to allow for printing of materials.